Zeitgeber (2012)
Photo: Hideto Maezawa




Feb 15 (Fri) 19:00 | 16 (sat) 14:00
Director’s Talk after the performance on Feb 15
Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Large Studio
TPAM Pass required

Double feature with WAGASHI — my master, my words, my death, my will by Kakuya Ohashi
*Order of appearance: 1) Kakuya Ohashi, 2) Takuya Murakawa


A work with the situation of communication between care workers and the cared as its theme and documentary as its methodology, which exhibits reality in a particular relationship and a new image of Other. Starting theatrical creation not from fiction but from daily life, it aims to gain reality in theatre, to reflect on problems that the performers themselves have and to extend the notion of time in theatre.


Performed in Japanese with English subtitles

Direction: Takuya Murakawa
Cast: Shuzou Kudo

Organized by: Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2013 Executive Committee
Contact: Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama Secretariat


Takuya Murakawa
Performance maker / filmmaker. Born in 1982. Joined Chiten (director: Motoi Miura) in 2005 as assistant director. Departed from the company to start his own work in 2009, and created pieces in various genres employing methodologies of documentary and field work. Having been active also in other fields than performing arts, he has created such works as an outdoor participatory theatre work about a folklorist Tsuneichi Miyamoto (2011), Zeitgeber (2011), a documentary film about a town in Miyagi after the Great East Japan Earthquake Oki e (2012) and words (2012).