Photo: Nadegata Instant Party


Extra Curtain Call


Feb 17 (Sun) 17:00
Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Hall
Admission included in TPAM Pass
Ticket: Adv (Ticket Kanagawa) / Door ¥2,000


Nadegata Instant Party’s works create a place where strangers get together, generate new relationships and subvert preexisting frameworks. Extra Curtain Call is an attempt to “present a theatre piece Win Win Mountain to only 12 members of audience in a 1,200-seat theater.” However, this theatre work cannot establish itself without 500 extras. Nadegata directs this piece live on stage, and the piece develops every moment. It is a “participation-in-audience-seat theatre” that comprises three parties — 12 “audiences,” some “performers” and 500 “extras” — and deconstructs the notion of “theater.” Who is the real protagonist?


Performed in Japanese with English support

Organized by: Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2013 Executive Committee
Contact: Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama Secretariat

Photo: Masako Naito

Nadegata Instant Party (NAKAZAKI Tohru + YAMASHIRO Daisuke + NODA Tomoko)
An artist unit formed in 2006 by an artist Tohru Nakazaki (b. 1976 in Ibaraki), Daisuke Yamashiro (b.1983 in Osaka), and Tomoko Noda (b. 1983 in Gifu) who engage in art management. They start a project by establishing the most appropriate “excuse” in accordance with the place and situation. Involving various people in installations and events, they present a process of changing “reality” through the “excuse” as a piece.