Where is crocodile? (2012)
Photo: Yu Taniguchi


Where is crocodile?


Feb 15 (Fri) 16:30 | 16 (Sat) 17:00
Kanagawa Arts Theatre, Small Studio
Director’s Talk after the performance on Feb 16
TPAM Pass required

Double feature with Give by Kitamari / KIKIKIKIKIKI
*Order of appearance: 1) Kitamari / KIKIKIKIKIKI, 2) KODOMOKYOJIN


A story of a lonely man who starts to look for a crocodile because of a strange telephone call asking him “Do you need love?” The story is told by six performers and musicians on a stage made only by two while lines, and the space morphs into various situations through their physical performance. An imaginative piece that expresses hope and despair about love and the sadness of life in spite of the comical storytelling.


Performed in English with no translation

Written and directed by: Takashi Masuyama
Performers: Hanaka Kiki, Toru Kageyama, Kanji Masuyama, Natsuki Oku, Tai Konaka, Takashi Masuyama, Yuji Ishihara (drums, feat.tutanTHEkhamens / Neyagawa Jam)

Organized by: Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2013 Executive Committee
Contact: Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama Secretariat

Photo: Yu Taniguchi

Formed in 2005 in Osaka around Takashi Masuyama and Kanji Masuyama, the brothers who represent the company. A free-style theatre collective that digs for “stories” buried under the world using diverse methodologies and theatrical dynamism to freely produce unrestrained and hallucinating images with dreams and fears as the motifs. They have organized their Europe tour for three times, and took part in lille3000 (France) in 2012.