We invite reservations of performances by TPAM registrants.

TPAM Pass benefits are available in TPAM Showcase and TPAM Direction Plus (except DANCE TRUCK PROJECT).

*The online form closed. Please inquire about reservation and availability at TPAM Information Desk.
TPAM Information Desk (Yokohama Creativecity Center 1F)
Tel 080-4407-1131 (10:30–19:00)

In addition, we invite reservations for these two performances, of which seating capacities are limited.
• TPAM Direction: Bo Ya tt O Su Ru (b l o c k h e a d) by Chiharu Shinoda⇒Call at 080-4416-4434.
• International Showcase: Little Iliad by Evan Webber & Frank Cox-O’Connell⇒Inquire at TPAM Information Desk.

Some performances in “Playing with Cities” (International Showcase) also invite reservations. Details here

Please ask the company gekidan shika564 about reservation for performances after the TPAM period of their BONE SONGS (February 18 – March 3) by email.

Reservation availability is limited (first-come-first-served).

We do not accept reservation by registrants who have not paid the registration fee.

Regulations about reservation and payment during the TPAM period slightly differ according to each performance. Please refer to the chart below.


TPAM Direction

International Showcase

TPAM Direction Plus

TPAM Showcase

Bo Ya tt O Su Ru (b l o c k h e a d)

Little Iliad

Yokohama Dance Collection EX Performance by Former Prizewinner
Dance Connection

All except the three programs in the left column


TPAM period
(until the previous day of a performance)

TEL 080-4416-4434

TPAM Information Desk

TPAM period
(on the day of a performance)

TPAM Information Desk

TPAM Information Desk / each venue from one hour before the performance

Not available

TPAM Information Desk until two hours before a performance



Each venue (bring TPAM Pass or tell your registration ID)