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Current Situation and Possibility of Community Dance in Japan U

●March 5 [Thu] 10:00-12:00 / Maison Franco-Japonaise

Moderator: SATO Norikazu [Director, Japan Contemporary Dance Network]

Speaker: YOKOYAMA Kyoko [Program & Planning Coordinator, Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion]

Following TPAM2005 and 2008, this seminar focuses again on community dance that has been steadily developing in Japan. DANCE LIFE FESTIVAL 2008 has recently been held presenting dance performances and workshops for various types of people ranging from children to the old and handicapped in five cities: Sapporo, Tajimi, Fukuoka, Toyama and Yamagata. "Regional dance activities" have been established in the UK, and how do they develop in the future in Japan? This seminar reports on the festival and discusses future vision of "regional dance activities=community dance" together with audience.

SATO Norikazu
● SATO Norikazu
He joined butoh company “Byakkosha” in 1980 as both a dancer and company manager until it was dissolved in 1994. He studied arts management at the Dance Theater Workshop in New York in 1996 and worked on the Triangle Art Project that toured the United States of America, Indonesia and Japan in 2007. Then founding a non-profit organization, the Japanese Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN) in Kyoto in 2001, he has been organizing various activities that connect dance and society across Japan.

Born in Fukuoka. After working for a trading company, she entered an NPO, FFAP, and planned and managed performing arts promotion projects at local small theaters and studios. She participated in "Art Management Training Program for Public Theaters" of Setagaya Public Theatre in 2007, and has been working in her present position since April 2008. Mainly in charge of dance projects, she organizes the Foundation's own projects ("Dance Life Festival," "Asia Contemporary Dance Now!" and "Fukuoka Fringe Festival," etc.), co-productions with companies of other cities, and workshops at schools and local communities.

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Organized by Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities

Let's Reconsider Outreach!

- New Possibilities of Regional Exchange Programs through Culture and Arts

●March 6th [Fri] 10:00-12:00 Yebisu The Garden Hall

YOSHIMOTO Mitsuhiro [Director, Art and Cultural Projects, NLI Research Institute]

Panelists (in alphabetical order):
NAKAMURA Toru [Professor, Faculty of Education, University of the Ryukyus]
OKUMURA Takaaki [Researcher, Curriculum Research Center,
National Institute for Educational Policy Research]
OTSUKI Hiroko [Museum education planner, representative director of Idea, Inc.]
TSUMURA Takashi [Producer, Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities]
TSUTSUMI Yasuhiko [Representative, NPO Children Meet Artists]

A number of public cultural facilities, museums, cultural foundations and NPOs have been working on outreach.
While it has been widely spreading, some projects are still only formal. This seminar with concrete examples of outreach projects, introduces new possibilities of culture and arts in cooperation with education, welfare and region building to consider the future of outreach. This session will be informative for those who are concerned with the future of the relation between public cultural facilities and regions and strategy of planning outreach projects.
(Co-organized by The Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan)

● YOSHIMOTO Mitsuhiro
He obtained master's degree (city planning) at Waseda University Graduate School and worked at Socio-Engineering Research Institute before being in his current position. While he has been a consultant to cultural facility development of institutions such as Tokyo Opera City and Setagaya Public Theatre, he also works on management and evaluation of public cultural institutions as well as research and study of cultural policy. Among his writings are "Art Strategic City" (supervisor) and "Designated Manager System - Who Supports Cultural Publicness?" (co-writer). Currently he is a member of Council for Cultural Affairs, Cultural Policy Committee of Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan; a specialized committee member of Tokyo Council for Arts and Culture; the chairperson of Creative City Yokohama Promotion Committee; a part-time lecturer of Tokyo University of the Arts; and the deputy chairperson of the ST Spot Board of Directors.

A professor of the University of the Ryukyus (Doctor of arts and culture study). He won the first prize in National Music Foundation Brass Music Concour with his "Bangamuri" in 1977 and the grand prize in Art Encouragement Prizes of Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan with his opera "Kijimner Travels through Time" in 1990. Commissioned to create operas such as "Bank Robbery," "Kirara - the Snow Fairy of the Southern Island" and "Kijimner Travels through Time" in Okinawa as well as various places throughout Japan such as "The Gemstone of Holy Dragon" (Kagawa National Culture Festival, 1997), "Onbashira" (Okaya Canora Art Festival, 1998) and "Nikko" (Tochigi, 2001), he has been highly regarded both as a composer and a libretto writer. Among his compositions are choruses such as "Four Okinawa Songs" and "Prayer of Mahae," and he has been composing orchestral and chamber music of which materials are based on traditional culture of Okinawa. He teaches musical theory, study on culture for children, regional cultural policy, and performing arts management at the University of the Ryukyus.

● OKUMURA Takaaki
Obtained master degree at the Graduate School of Education of Miyazaki University (fine art education). He worked as a teacher at Asahi Junior High School in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture since 1982, as an elementary school teacher, as a part-time lecturer at Kochi University, and as a chief curator at Miyazaki Prefectural Art Museum before being in his current position since 2005. He has been delivering lectures across Japan on Courses of Study and curriculum, serving as an instructor in the nationwide training for education of art appreciation organized by National Museum of Art since 2006, training courses of public museums, symposia and academic meetings and art management trainings organized by NPOs, and being engaged in organizing "Gallery Talk for Children's Paintings" that are for both children and their parents.

● OTSUKI Hiroko
As a curator of Itabashi Art Museum, she organized a number of exhibitions and workshops. After becoming independent, she established Idea, Inc. and took part in establishment of many museums such as Shonandai Culture Centre Children's Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Okinawa Wonder Museum. She undertook the whole planning and management division of Children's Museum Big Bang in Osaka and realized the first traveling museum project in the country. For "Ajippa," an educational zone in Kyushu National Museum, she produced the overall exhibition and kits. She also supervised the spatial design of Gakkan Commons of Tokyo University, a space for learning that stimulates communication.

● TSUMURA Takashi
He was in charge of project building for a information magazine of Osaka, Play Guide Journal. In 1985, he launched the Ogimachi Museum Square project organized by Osaka Gas, and became the associate manager and producer of the venue. He has been working as the chief producer at Ai Hall in Itami, Hyogo Prefecture since 1987, and has been involved in activities of the Drama Department at Biwako Hall since 1997 as well. He belongs to Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities since 1995 as a producer of Art Environment Division, and also serves as the chief producer and director at Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center where he has been totally producing both hardware and software aspects of the venue since 2000.

● TSUTSUMI Yasuhiko
While working for Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. from 1987 to 1997, he was involved in management of super high-rise buildings' construction and produced a number of performances and art exhibitions for the halls and galleries of these buildings. After that, he worked for such organizations as an art-promotion NPO and Children's Museum, and established ASIAS (Artist's Studio In A School) in 2000. Following expansion of its activities, he established an NPO, Children Meet Artists, of which projects are related to children in the fields of school education and regions, in 2001 as its representative. He is also a coordinator of the Public Hall Contemporary Dance Vitalization Program of Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities.

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On Information Diffusion in Performing Arts
― From Flyers to Internet ―

●March 7 [Sat] 10:00-12:00/Yebisu the Garden Hall, Visual Presentation Area

Moderator: OZAWA Yasuo [Producer, Representative of Institute of Japan Performance/Art]


ANDO Mitsuo [Manager, the Second Sales Department (Theatre, Classical Music) of
Entertainment Plus Inc.]
MATSUMOTO Gento [Graphic Designer, Art Director]
OZAKI Tetsuya [Chief Editor, "REALTOKYO" and "ART iT"]
SUGIURA Taichi [President, CINRA Inc.]

In recent few years, information regarding performing arts has been diffused through various media and methods more actively than ever. However, because of the very amount of information, presenters are wondering if information is appropriately communicated to receivers and if they are being able to properly use various information tools. This meeting, with guests who have been working in the field of information diffusion, discusses how and to whom performing arts information should be sent, together with audience, exchanging and sharing ideas.

● OZAWA Yasuo
He established a planning/producing company Precog in 2003 and retired from it in 2008, and in the same year he established Institute of Japan Performance/Art ( He produces contemporary dance, contemporary art, contemporary theatre, media arts and music with no regard to the boundaries among preexisting genres. Among his recent works are "HARAJUKU PERFORMANCE +Special" at Laforet Museum, "21st Century Lecture" at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, "Super Japanese Performance Theory" at Bigakko, lectures on performance such as ones at Sokei Academy of Fine Art and Design and tutoring at "Arts Program Section" organized by Tokyo Wonder Site, planning and managing of festivals, and consulting of alternative spaces. For Tokyo Performing Arts Market, he directed International Showcase in 2005 and 2007.

ANDO Mitsuo
●ANDO Mitsuo
Born in Tokyo in 1961. He entered The Seibu Department Stores, LTD., in 1983, and after managing the theatre department of Ticket Saison and digital media department of SS Communications, he entered Entertainment Plus Inc. in 1999. Currently he is manager of the Second Sales Department (Theatre, Classical Music) of Entertainment Plus Inc.

He has been active in two main fields: planning and design of projects in various genres around graphic design, and planning and producing of digital media projects as writer/author. Among his recent works are LAFORET GRAND BAZAR, "B" (30th anniversary catalog magazine of BEAMS), and flyer design for theatre performance such as Kegawazoku and "HARAJUKU PERFORMANCE +Special." He started a web service "BCCKS" ( that offers easy web-book making in 2008, and is going to take charge of renewal design of "Studio Voice" magazine from April 2009.

OZAKI Tetsuya
●OZAKI Tetsuya
Born in Tokyo in 1955. Publisher and chief editor of a culture web magazine "REALTOKYO" ( and an art magazine "Art iT" ( He was involved in the establishment of a cultural information magazine "03 TOKYO Calling" as deputy chief editor in 1989, and was in charge of editorial direction of the Japan pavilion "Sensorium" of Internet Expo in 1996. Among his productions are a CD-ROM book "Multimedia Kabuki" and a photographic collection "One Hundred Years of Idiocy." A guest professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Born in Tokyo in 1982. He established CINRA in 2003, during his college years, aiming to make it a chance to gather interesting people. He made it into a joint-stock corporation when he graduated the college in 2006. Currently he manages a culture portal website "CINRA.NET" ( that deals in art, music, theatre, etc. and organizes an admission-free live performance "exPoP!!!!!" every month. He also works in the field of publicity, planning and producing in relation to internet. When he thinks deeply or concentrates on something, his tongue swiftly comes out of his mouth, so it is likely that his former life was a lizard.