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TPAM フリンジ
Separate tickets must be purchased for these performances. Discount tickets or invitations are provided for some TPAM participants. Please contact to TPAM office at

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please ask at the TPAM Reservation Counter (Yebisu The Garden Hall).

■ “Opus No.5” of OM-2 has been cancelled.
All the performances of OM-2’s “Opus No.5” (March 1st-4th) have been cancelled.

■ Additional performances of NAGATA Emi’s “Under The Skirt Show”
Date: March 6th [Thu], 7th [Fri], 8th [Sat] 21:00
* There is no change of the venue (O2).

■ Time and Venue of THEATRE MOMENTS’s “The Happy Prince”will be changed.
Time and Venue of this performance will be changed.
For more details about this showcase, please ask at the TPAM Reception Counter.
SAITO Mineko
SAITO Mineko
© Ichikawa Katsuhiro /
Spiral Paper
The solo dance of SAITO Mineko who is a main dancer of Idevian Crew and is impressed the audience on “ASOBU” by Josef NADJ in Avignon Festival 2006 with her fascinating dance. This solo, its them is “TESURI (handrail)”. Please enjoy the Mineko’s world such a prodigious and fantastic cutie stage. This is the 18th stage of “Sept DOKUBU” which is the dance series of created cooperatively by Setagaya Public Theatre and choreographer/dancer.

● Date: March 1st [Sat] 15:00, 19:30 / 2nd [Sun] 15:00 (also held on February 29th)
● Venue: Theatre Tram (4-1-1-5F Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
● Ticket: 3,800 JPY
● Contact: +81-3-5432-1526 / (Setagaya Public Theatre)
Organization: Setagaya Public Theatre + days
Representative: Ms. TAKATSUJI Hiromi (Executive Director of Setagaya Arts Center)
Contact: Ms. MIKAMI Saori (Producer, Setagaya Public Theatre) / Mr. NAGAYAMA Yasuhisa (Idevian Crew / days)
Address: 4-1-1-5F Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0004, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5432-1526    Fax: +81-3-5432-1559
E-mail:    Website:
KINGYO (goldfish)
Yukio Suzuki Dance-Workshop "Showing"
KINGYO (goldfish)
© Susaki Takayoshi
It is the exchange meeting and showing which are held on the final day of SUZUKI Yukio's workshop. The form of a new dance which is in sight from dancing intently. You can enjoy the spot of the dance workshop by SUZUKI butoh graduate.

● Date: March 2nd [Sun] 15:00
● Venue: MORISHITA STUDIO (3-5-6, Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
● Entry: Free
● Contact: +81-90-5314-9281 (KINGYO office)
Organization: KINGYO (goldfish)
Representative: Mr. SUZUKI Yukio (Choreographer / Dancer)
Contact: Mr. SUZUKI Yukio (Choreographer / Dancer) / Ms. ASHIMINE Nao (Company Assistant / Dancer)
Address: -
Tel: +81-90-5314-9281     Fax: -
E-mail:     Website:
Setagaya Public Theatre+HIWOOD
Dance Showcase
Setagaya Public Theatre+Hiwood
© Tkagi Non
The showcase introduces the talented, emerging 6 contemporary dancers who already have plenty of performance credits in Japan and now expand their activities abroad. The featuring dancers are: Makotocluv, led by Makoto Enda (former member of Kim Ito & Glorious Future); Kingyo, founded by Yukio Suzuki who performed with Ko Murobushi’s Edge & Co; Yun Myung Fee whose works draw from traditional Korean folk dance and Western dance techniques; Maki Morishita known for her funny and unique dance style; Shokigata, led by Atsunori Kawamura and soloist Megumi Kamimura. 3 programs per day.

● Date: March 4th [Tue] 17:00 / 5th [Wed] 14:00
● Venue: Studio A, Setagaya Public Theatre (4-1-1-5F Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
● Performed by: [4th] KAMIMURA Megumi / Shokigata / YUN Myung Fee
         [5th] MORISHITA Maki / KINGYO (goldfish) / Makotocluv
● Ticket: TBD.
● Contact: +81-3-5724-4660/ (TPAM Secretariat)
Organization:Setagaya Public Theatre + HIWOOD
Representative:Ms. TAKATSUJI Hiromi (Executive Director of Setagaya Arts Center) / Mr. TAKAGI Kouichiro (Producer, HIWOOD)
Contact: Mr. TAKAGI Kouichiro (Producer, HIWOOD)
Address: 4-34-18-213, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan (HIWOOD)
Tel: +81-3-3320-7217    Fax: +81-3-3320-7219
E-mail:    Web: --
An Creative
Tokyo Dance Market 2008
An Creative
Come to Tokyo Dance Market to see the exciting works by versatile companies--- UESHIMA theatre, BABY-Q, and Natural Dance Theatre. A topnotch musical choreographer/director UESHIMA Yukio presents “Center of Sense”, and BABY-Q, led by HIGASHINO Yoko, presents “GEEEEEK”, the repeatedly performed work of a high degree of perfection and “9”, a joint production project with OHASHI Kakuya of Kakuya Ohashi & Dancers. NAKAMURA Shinji and KAWANO Mako’s Natural Dance Theatre performs “Circus”, which was premiered in Yamaguchi in 2005 and also presented at New National Theatre.

● Date: March 7th [Fri] 15:00, 19:00 / 8th [Sat] 14:00, 18:00
● Venue: Ebisu Echo Theater (Echo Building 2F, 3-18-3 Higashi, Shibuya-ku Tokyo)
● Performed by: UESHIMA Theatre / Dance Company BABY-Q / Natural Dance Theatre
● Advance ticket: 3,500 JPY. / At door: 4,000 JPY.
● Contact: +81-3-5458-0548 / (An Creative)
Organization: An Creative
Representative: Ms. NAGATOSHI Mayumi (President / Producer)
Contact: Ms. TAKIMOTO Marie
Address: 29-24-510 Sakuragaokacyo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5458-0548    Fax: +81-3-5458-0547
E-mail:    Website:
Japan Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN)
We're Gonna Go Dancing!! vol.8 SPECIAL IN TOKYO
© Shimizu Toshihiro
“We’re Gonna Go Dancing!!” has been JCDN’s main project since its inception in 2000. In May and June, we select the artists, and from October through December performance events are held approx. 20 cities across the country, with four to five groups performing at each venue. Then the most well-received or talked about will perform in the final performance “Special in Osaka” and “Special in Tokyo” in March. This year’s selection for “Special in Tokyo” is KIKIKIKIKIKI (Kyoto), Project Oyama (Tokyo), KENTARO!! (Tokyo), and White Dance Temple (Taiwan).

● Date: March 7th [Fri] 19:30 / 8th [Sat] 14:00, 18:30
● Venue: ASAHI ART SQUARE (SuperDry HALL 4F, 1-23-1 Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
● Performed by: KIKIKIKIKIKI [Kyoto] / KENTARO!! [Tokyo] / White Dance Temple [Taiwan] / project OHYAMA [Tokyo]
● Advance ticket: 3,000 JPY / At door: 3,500 JPY / Student: 2,500 JPY
● Contact: +81-75-361-4685 / (JCDN)
Organization: Japan Contemporary Dance Network (JCDN)
Representative: Mr. SATO Norikazu (Executive Director)
Contact: Mr. SATO Norikazu (Executive Director) / Ms. MIZUNO Ritsuko (Artistic Director)
Address: 503, Opasu Shijyo, 241 Shinmei-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto 600-8092, Japan
Tel: +81-75-361-4685    Fax: +81-75-361-6225
E-mail:    Website:
Dance Company Nomade~s
Toki-no-hana - Flowers and Time -
© Daido Hiroyasu
World Premiere. This is an exciting, contemporary dance that vividly reflects modern society, addressing the theme of flowers and time―the classic Japanese language of seasons and weather. We are in a forest, sent from the future. We see disconnection, fear and despair. But even here we witness an outbreak of dance, of mysterious movements with bodies held low that after a time evolve into quirky, humorous actions, before giving way to serene space. Supple movements of bodies on the floor gain in strength and speed. A reanimation of unfulfilled moments…torn petals…weakened time…broken flowers.

● Date: March 7th [Fri] 20:00 / 8th [Sat] 19:00
● Venue: Brick-one (5-15-7, Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
● Advance ticket: 2,500 JPY. / At door: 2,800 JPY.
● Contact: +81-3-3828-4858 / (Dance Company Nomade~s)
Organization: Dance Company Nomade~s
Representative: Ms. KUMAGAI Noriko (Leader / Choreographer)
Contact: Ms. KUMAGAI Noriko (Leader / Choreographer) / Mr. IKEMIYA Nakao (Stage Designer / Director / Choreographer)
Address: 5-15-7 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0022, JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3828-4858   Fax: +81-3-3828-4856
E-mail:   Website: 
Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers
Chain of Clarity Special version
Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers
The objective of OHASHI Kakuya and Dancers is the exploration of ways of bodily being in modern society. This search resonates with Carlos Castaneda's work "The Teachings of Don Juan" in its consideration of "fear," "clarity," "strength," and "age," which serve as themes in the troupe's work. There are twelve three-part pieces in total, which together could be regarded as OHASHI Kakuya's life work. In these works "clarity" is a weapon for modern people, a way of living, something necessary to be in the present. Comparative analysis along these three lines is the main thrust of the pieces. The themes that premiered in "Clarity is Only a Point before the eyes" are taken up and continued in "Clarity."

● Date: March 8th [Sat] 16:00, 20:00
● Venue: Studio ALMA SOL (2F, Sakuma building, 1-30-1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
● Ticket: 3,000 JPY.
● Contact: 03-5789-9892 / (Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers)
Organization: Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers
Representative: Mr. OHASHI Kakuya (Choreographer)
Contact: Mr. OHASHI Kakuya (Choreographer, Kakuya Ohashi and Dancers) / Mr. UEDA Shigeru (Chief Executive, BEAGLE Inc.)
Address: #604, 1-10-5, hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5789-9892     Fax: +81-3-5789-9893
E-mail:     Website:
Science Project
Character Pieces ("My Life", "This Town", and "MEET THE FAMILY")
Science Project
To confront another human being is terrifying, embarrassing, mind-altering. Civilization (and Theater, civilization's microscope) created endless structures to make this encounter comprehensible and safe. Character Pieces dissembles theater, in search of the shock of alterity. Character Pieces is three site-specific solo performances ("My Life", "This Town", and "MEET THE FAMILY"), each taking place in a different part of Tokyo.

● Date / Venue: "My Life" March 3rd [Mon], 4th [Tue], 8th [Sat] 21:00 at JR Takadanobaba Sta. : "This Town" March 2nd [Sun] 19:00 / 5th [Wed], 6th [Thu] 20:00 at Kitazawa Town Hall (2-8-18 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku) :  " MEET THE FAMILY" March 6th [Thu] 15:00 / 7th [Fri] 16:00 / 8th [Sat] 12:00 at JR Gotanda Sta.
* Map will be given with ticket reservation
● Venue: Venue will be announced on the following website.
● Ticket: My Life 1,000JPY / This Town 1,000JPY / MEET THE FAMILY 2,000JPY (Performances are intimate, so seating is extremely limited.)
● Contact: +81-90-6155-1999
Organization: Science Project
Representative: Ms. Yelena GLUZMAN (Director)
Contact: Ms. Yelena GLUZMAN (Director) / Ms. ISHIGURO Yoko (Performer)
Address: Higashi Gotanda 5-4-26-101, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022, Japan
Tel: +81-90-6155-1999     Fax: -
E-mail:     Website:
Mugensha Theatre Company
A man of the Lost article in property room
Mugensha Theatre Company
This cynical fantasy tells a story between a keeper of a lost property office who loses his memory, and people visiting the office, who are lacking something. This particular project is for Japan only, however performers are trying to improve their physical skills which does not depend on language for the future project in Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. Its original set, props and costume generate the unique space, and the performers and the puppets cross each other to produce the distorted shrinking world. This work’s theme is ‘nothingness’.

● Date: March 1st [Sat], 2nd [Sun] 14:30, 19:30 / 3rd [Mon] 19:30 / 4th [Tue] 14:30 (also held from February 26th to 29th)
● Venue: Attractors Studio (Tacto Bldg. B1F, 2-7-1 Koenji Minami, Suginami, Tokyo)
● Advance ticket: 2,500 JPY. / At door: 2,800 JPY. / For student: -200 JPY.
● Contact: +81-3-3318-0756/ (Mugensha Theatre Company)
Organization: Mugensha Theatre Company
Representative: Mr. KOTAKEBAYASI So-un (President / Director / Actor)
Contact: Mr. MASUDA Yoshiharu (Chief at department of actor) / Mr. SAITOU Makoto (Actor)
Address: Tacto Bldg. B1F, 2-7-1 Koenji Minami, Suginami, Tokyo 166-0003, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3318-0756     Fax: +81-3-3318-0755
E-mail:     Website:
KADEN Theater Company
KADEN Theater Company
© Moriya Taizo
In Himeji of Banshu, there is a castle, like a white bird about to take flight. The wall plasters of the five layer castle tower, glow white and beautiful. There, the flowers and butterflies in every color flutter and dance, and there, sits a carving of a brave lion’s head ---. It is our second staging of a piece written by IZUMI Kyoka, following our first performance of “Demon’s Pond” which received brilliant remarks. We will present the world of splendor, expressing the aesthetics of Kyoka’s mysterious profundity in KADEN’s original style of “Japanese Beauty”.

● Date: March 1st [Sat] 15:00, 19:00 / 2nd [Sun] 13:30, 17:30
● Venue: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Small Hall2 (1-8-1, Nishi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo)
● Advance ticket: 3,000 JPY (For 2 person: 5,500 JPY) / At door: 3,200 JPY (For 2 person: 6,000 JPY)
● Contact: +81-3-5391-2111 (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space)
Organization: KADEN Theater Company
Representative: Mr. OKADA Madoka (Director)
Contact: Mr. OKADA Madoka (Director) / Ms. ABE Takako (Producer)
Address: 502, 1-31-14 Izumi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0063, Japan
Tel: +81-70-5587-5929     Fax: -
E-mail:     Website:
Opus No.5
© Tanaka Hideyo
Since their founding, OM-2 has always been experimental, avant-garde, as well as being highly acclaimed overseas. Their recent works have removed all scripts, rehearsals consist of practicing improvisations, the final works not repeats of last evening's, but always different. Denying interpretation, explanation & analysis by words, continuously fighting with the inner self. "Opus No.5" was performed last fall in Berlin, Prague and Shanghai, changing shape per city, its triumphal return to Tokyo will show another form, a new shape.
Organization: OM-2
Representative: Mr. MAKABE Shigeo (Playwrite / Director)
Contact: Ms. MURAOKA Shoko (Producer)
Address: die pratze, 2-12 Nishigoken-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0812, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3235-7990    Fax: +81-3-3235-7990
E-mail:    Website:
Contemporary dance-theatre company, Pappa TARAHUMARA, adapts Anton Chekov’s literary classic to the context of the Japanese countryside in the 1960s. Its seemingly sweet portrayal of three bored sisters grapping with womanhood spirals in to a sensual and charged meditation on female identity, coming-of age and the Japanese obsession with youth culture. This eccentric comic tragedy, narrated through dynamic choreography, is a powerfully condensed alternative to the company’s larger-scale multi-disciplinary works.

● Date: March 4th [Tue] 19:30
● Venue: Studio SAI
● Entry: Please contact to TPAM office.
● Contact: +81-3-3385-2066 / (SAI Inc.)
Organization: Pappa TARAHUMARA
Representative: Mr. KOIKE Hiroshi (Artistic Director)
Contact: Ms. NAKAJIMA Chisako (Company Manager, Performing Arts Production)
Address: 1-1-5 1F, Arai, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165-0026, JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3385-2919    Fax: +81-3-3319-3178
E-mail:    Website:
Free Time
© Rebecca Lee
The latest piece by chelfitsch, the first work to be produced by the company in two and half years, is going to be internationally co-produced by Kunsten Festival des Arts, in Brussels, and Wiener Feswochen, in Vienna, as well as by Festival d'Automne, in Paris. Collaborating with Torafu Architects Inc. (theatrical design) and with KOIZUMI Atsuhiro (music), OKADA Toshiki/chelfitsch seeks new theatrical horizons in this new piece. A drama set in a family restaurant in Tokyo. The play explores the meaning of free time spent in such a standardized, commercial environment, controlled by mega-corporations.

● Date: March 5th [Wed] - 7th [Fri] 19:30 / 8th [Sat], 9th [Sun] 14:30, 18:30 (also held after 10th)
● Venue: Super Deluxe (3-1-25-B1F, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
● Advance ticket: 3,500 JPY / At door: 4,000 JPY / Advance ticket for student: 3,000 JPY
● Contact: +81-3-3410-1816 / (precog)
Organization: chelfitsch
Representative: Mr. OKADA Toshiki (Playwrite / Director)
Contact: Ms. NAKAMURA Akane (Producer, precog)
Address: precog, 4-38-11-305, Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3410-1816    Fax: +81-3-3410-1816
E-mail:    Website:
Bye Bye - Reflection
© Iida Koji
This performance series has started since 1999. Main theme is making an analysis of 'Body' who live in globalized world. And also trying to visualize world new situation itself.

● Date: March 6th [Thu] - 8th [Sat] 19:00 / 9th [Sun] 17:00
● Venue: OWL SPOT (Rise Arena Building 2-3F, 4-5-2 Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo)
● Advance ticket: 3,500 JPY. / At door: 4,000 JPY.
● Contact: +81-3-5802-5387 / (KAITAISHA)
Organization: Gekidan KAITAISHA
Representative: Mr. SHIMIZU Shinjin (Director)
Contact: Mr. SHIMIZU Shinjin (Director) / Mr. IIDA Koji (Producer)
Address: Igarashi Building 1F, 2-4-8 Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034, JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-5802-5387    Fax: +81-3-5802-5387
E-mail:    Website:
T Factory
Larme de crocodile
T Factory
© Suto Hideyuki
KAWAMURA Takeshi's new piece.

● Date: March 6th [Thu], 7th [Fri] 19:00 / 8th [Sat] 14:00, 18:00, 9th [Sun] 15:00
● Venue: Theatre Tram (4-1-1-5F Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
● Performed by: TEZUKA Toru, NEGISHI Toshie, KASAGI Makoto and others.
● Ticket: 5,000 JPY / Student: 3,500 JPY / preview on 6th: 4,000 JPY
● Contact: +81-3-3344-3005 / (T Factory)
Organization: T Factory
Representative: Mr. KAWAMURA Takeshi (Playwrite / Director)
Contact: Ms. HIRAI Yoshiko (Producer)
Address: 3-5-12-405 Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3344-3005    Fax: +81-3-3344-3051
E-mail:    Website:
<Additional Performances>
Under The Skirt Show
NAGATA Emi presents, "Under The Skirt Show," a performance that mixes myth, family-history, war and truth to practical purpose. Her re-creation of a gypsy band from the steppes of Manchuria and telling while maintaining complete attention, deflects the original use of an illegal diamond trade where the monies raised went to fund intrigue. Emi uses heirloom props and oral traditions as she invites the audience to return to the grandmother's era while speaking of dreams made flesh. Her current re-adaptation is a variation of a similar performance done in Golden Gai in the 1970's.

● Date: March 6th [Thu], 7th [Fri] and 8th [Sat] 21:00
● Venue: O2 (Hanazono-Sanbangai, 1-1-6 Kabuki-cho, shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
● Ticket: 1,000JPY. (drink order required: 500JPY.〜)
Organization: NAGATA Emi
Representative: Ms. NAGATA Emi
Contact: Ms. NAGATA Emi
<Change of time and venue>
The Happy Prince
"Theatre possesses a special kind of magic, that of transformation. And this is a company that has this magic in abundance." said Iqubal KHAN, a British director. Theatre Moments made Oscar Wilde’s "Happy Prince" into a stage which interested the audience from various generations and different backgrounds. Actors’ bodies and many unique ideas of using props created a variety of characters, animals and even plants on the stage. The consequence is a total theatre which pursues an ultimate goal of theatre, giving a great pleasure of imagination to the audience.

● Date: March 7th [Fri], 8th [Sat] 19:30 / 9th [Sun] 14:00, 18:30
● Venue: d-soko (6-19-7 Higashi-nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo)
* Time and venue are being arranged please ask at the TPAM Reception Counter.
● Advance ticket: 2,500 JPY / At door: 3,000 JPY (-1,000 JPY for high school and younger students)
● Contact: +81-3-6760-9709 / (THEATRE MOMENTS)
Representative: Mr. SAGAWA Daisuke (Leader / Director)
Contact: Mr. SAGAWA Daisuke (Leader / Director) / Ms. NAKAHARA Clair (Producer / Actor)
Address: 1-17-15, Tagara, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 179-0073, JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-6760-9709    Fax: +81-3-3977-1011    Website:
音楽/複合ジャンル etc.
ZIPANG with African musicians
The only one of its kind in the world this band has invited African musicians to join musicians from Japan (Tsugaru Shamisen, taiko, shakuhachi, Koto, Biwa) to create live performance of fun, intensity, gentleness and beauty. It also performs a repertoire of Japanese traditional, classical, and folk music. Their original work has been heard as back music for TV Tokyo's 'Kaiun nandemo kantei-dan', in rhythm tracks, and in live gigs and concerts.

● Date & Venue: March 4th [Tue] 19:00 at Prison Tokyo (4-9-1-B1, Higashinakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo) /
6th [Thu], 7th [Fri] 19:00 at Sinjuku Minotaure 2 (5-11-4-B1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) /
● Ticket: 3,000 JPY. (drink order required)
● Contact: +81-47-435-1886 (ARIGA 10 MUSIC)
Organization: ARIGA 10 MUSIC
Representative: Mr. NEMOTO Hiroshi (Representative / Producer)
Contact: Mr. NEMOTO Hiroshi (Representative / Producer)
Address: 1-20-9 Hon-cho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba 273-0005, Japan
Tel: +81-47-435-1886    Fax: +81-47-435-1886    Website:
NOZOMI Miyanishi
KOTO Performance & Session
Jellyfish Productions
In concert, Kotist MIYANISHI Nozomi uses the koto, a traditional Japanese musical instrument, to perform her own unique interpretation of popular music in addition to original pieces, blending traditional and contemporary sounds.

● Date: March 5th [Wed] 19:00, 20:15
● Venue: YEBISU TENMADO switch (TOA Building B1F, 3-28-4Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
● Advanced Ticket: 3,000 JPY / At door: 3,500 JPY / Free for TPAM Participants . (drink order required)
● Contact: +81-3-5795-1887 (YEBISU TENMADO switch) /
Organization: Jellyfish Productions, Inc.
Representative: Mr. UENO Masahiro (President)
Contact: Mr. UENO Masahiro (President)
Address: 621-13 A, Tsu, Kamakura-shi, kanagawa 248-0032, JAPAN
Tel: +81-467-31-1521   Fax: +81-467-31-1591    Website:
Chikanari Shukuka
Sound Dance Performance
Chikanari Shukuka
© Satoh Takuo
"When I dance, I dance to my sound. What else to do?" CHIKANARI Shukuka (Microphone, HHcymbal, Effector, Amplifier, Sleigh Bells, Vocal, Vibration, Dance) Improvised sound and dance create the melted space & time. That is her style of expression, Sound & Dance performance. Recently she performed in 'Alternativa festival' (Czech) hosted by Unijazz, 'The Japanese Experience' (France) by Theatre de Nimes and keeps expanding her activity.

● Date: March 6th [Thu] 19:00
● Venue: Koenji 20000 VOLT (Dai 8 Tokyo Building B2F, 4-25-4, Koenji-minami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo)
● Ticket: 2,100 JPY. (includes one drink)
● Contact: +81-3-3316-6969 (Koenji 20000 VOLT) / (Chikanari Shukuka)
Organization: Chikanari Shukuka
Representative: Ms. CHIKANARI Shukuka (Dancer)
Contact: Ms. CHIKANARI Shukuka (Dancer)
Address: -
Tel: -    Fax: -    Website:
MIZUNO Shunsuke
5-String Woodbass Solo Performance
5-string woodbass solo performance. It has a wide range ability, because it has 5 strings. The sound is very simple, but it is beyond the category and has many music factors. So the audience can enjoy this new sound. The songs are mostly originals for the nature programs of TV and arranged classic and ethnic music.

● Date: March 7th [Fri], 8th [Sat] 19:30 / 9th [Sun] 15:00, 19:30
● Venue: Roppongi Striped House Gallery (3F, 5-10-33, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Tel: +81-3-3405-8108)
● Ticket: 2,000 JPY.
● Contact: +81-479-70-6505 / (OCM Records)
Organization: OCM Records
Representative: Mr. MIZUNO Shunsuke (Representative)
Contact: Mr. MIZUNO Shunsuke (Representative) / Ms. MIZUNO Maiko
Address: 1757, Minaminaka, Tako-machi, Katori-gun, Chiba 289-2257, JAPAN
Tel: +81-479-70-6505    Fax: +81-479-70-6506    Website: