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what's tpam?
TPAM (Tokyo Performing Arts Market) is a market of performing arts such as theater, dance and music. First organized in 1995, it will be celebrating its twelfth meeting this time and drawing more and more attention of performing arts industries across the world.

“Presenters” who connect artists to audience such as those who are in charge of theaters and public halls, directors of festivals, producers, promoters, agents and company managers gather from Japan and the world.

■ Booth Presentation
“Booth Presentation”, which allows you to meet many people in a short time, is an opportunity to appeal your work and exchange information using documents and videos. Exhibitors are limited to 50 groups so that sellers and buyers can intensively communicate.

■ Visual Presentation
In “Visual Presentation,” artists and companies introduce their concrete projects for realization of them using a large screen. A variety of productions of around 10 groups from each of the fields of theatre, dance, and music are shown efficiently.

■ TPAM Showcase
We will introduce performances that will be being presented in Tokyo and special performances in studios during the session of TPAM as “TPAM Showcase”. Participation in TPAM is not limited to the events in TPAM venue.

■ Conferences
From issues about domestic systems related to performing arts to introducing activities of international performing arts markets and festivals, we plan practical seminars and lectures to consider the current situation of performing arts every year.

■ TPAM-IETM Satellite Meeting
Based in Belgium, IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts), with which more than 400 organizations of 45 countries are affiliated, has recently been holding satellite meetings in Asian countries such as Singapore, China and Korea. Its first meeting in Japan is held along with TPAM.

■ Tokyo International Arts Festival 2008
Continuing the cooperation with TIF (Tokyo International Arts Festival) of last year, TPAM 2008 will introduce its programs that have been questioning social, philosophical, and political aspects of theatre to TPAM 2008 participants.

Event Outline

< Tokyo Performing Arts Market 2008 >
Title: Tokyo Performing Arts Market 2008
Dates: March 5 [Wed] - 8 [Sat], 2008
Venues: YEBISU The Garden Hall / Room and others.
Organizers: Secretariat of Tokyo Performing Arts Market 2008
(The Japan Foundation / Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities / Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication)
Special sponsored by:
EU-Japan Fest Committee
Sponsored by: British Council / Italian Cultural Institute / Embassy of Spain in Japan / The Tokyo Cervantes Institute / The Finnish Institute in Japan
Special cooperated by:
Yebisu Garden Place Co., Ltd.
Cooperated by: EPSON / Osaka 21st Century Association / Poster Hari's Company / Nevula Extra Support / theatre plateaux
Subsidized by: “Baltasar Gracian” Program of Ministry of Culture of Spain
(Subvencionada por Programa “Baltasar Gracian” del Ministerio de Cultura de Espana) / The Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation
Endorsed by: Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Agency for Cultural Affairs / Tokyo Metropolitan Government / The Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan
Associated Projects:
Associated Projects: International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts: TPAM-IETM Satellite Meeting (Subsidized by Agency for Cultural Affairs / The Saison Foundation)
Seminar by Japan Foundation for Regional Art-Activities (Co-organized by the Association of Theaters and Halls in Japan)
Seminar by Global COE program of The Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University
Coordinated Event:
Tokyo International Arts Festival 2008
< International Showcase 2008 >
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2007
Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs
Produced by: Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication
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