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what's ietm


Due to sudden illness, Mr. Jan Goossens, Artistic Director, KVS, the Royal Flemish Brussels has had to cancel his attendance at TPAM-IETM Satellite Meeting. Consequently, we announce his replacement for the Keynote Session, 2 speakers below. There are no changes about the moderator, Mr. UCHINO Tadashi.

OKADA Toshiki [Playwrite, Director of chelfitsch, Novelist, Japan]
Christophe SLAGMUYLDER [Artistic Director, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Belgium]

TPAM-IETM Satellite Meeting will be held in Tokyo

TPAM-IETM Satellite Meeting, an international networking meeting for contemporary performing arts, will be held jointly by Tokyo Performing Arts Market and IETM from March 3 to 5, 2008, right before Tokyo Performing Arts Market 2008. Details will be posted after November 2007.
We look forward to the participation of performing arts professionals in the meeting, as well as in TPAM 2008.

Dates :  March 3 [Mon] - 5 [Wed]
Venues :  YEBISU The Garden Room and others.
Registration Fee :  8,000 JPY.
Participants of Tokyo Performing Arts Market (TPAM) 2008 can participate in the TPAM-IETM Satellite Meeting at a discounted price (3,000 JPY).
Associated Project :  Tokyo Performing Arts Market 2008(March 5 [Wed] - 8 [Sat])
Supported by : 
The Agency for Cultural Affairs bunkachou logo
Government of Japan in the fiscal 2007
sezon logo
Organized by: :  parc logoietm logo
TPAM-IETM satellite meeting

IETM is an international network for contemporary performing arts. Its satellite meetings are small meetings focusing on a particular topic or region of interest to its members and the partner organisations hosting the meeting. They allow a deeper analysis of a particular topic and/or closer contact with a region or country in focus.
The TPAM-IETM Satellite Meeting, IETM’s first satellite meeting in Japan, is expected to provide a platform for information exchange, communication and networking, and contribute to activation of cooperation among participants.


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