TPAM fringe
* Separate tickets must be purchased for these performances. Discount tickets or invitations are provided for some TPAM participants. Please contact to TPAM office at
+813 / .JP
SAL VANILLA that have been mainly performed oversea will come up with 2 new pieces of performances after an interval of 2 years since “inter/action”. (the show includes 2 new works simultaneously). “United One-Air sensation which is not created by constructing ’1’ but by carrying out passivity in ’0’(zero)”. The bodily spatial installation surrounded by 5 different surfaces of the hall. 6.1ch streophonic sound system, Live shows of sound creator.

• Date: “+813” 7th[Wed.], 8th[Thu.], 10th[Sat.] September 19:00 /
11th[Sun.] 17:00
“.JP” 9th September[Fri.] 17:30
• Venue: BankART Studio NYK
• Advance ticket: “+813” 3,000 JPY. / “.JP” 3,500 JPY.
Today’s Ticket: “+813” 3,500 JPY. / “.JP” 4,000 JPY.
Ticket for 2 pieces: 5,500 JPY.
Established and started in 1994. Radical performance unit which has been mainly active outside Japan. As modern communication reality in a motif, the variable space design, a delicate and also agressive body expression and the latest communication language such as visual images, sounds, lighting strongly interact each other and are expressed.
Pappa TARAHUMARA Three Sisters
Three Sisters
The work uses Anton Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” as its motif, but completely new tragic comedy, describing women nowadays realistically. It’s an Energetic, Erotic, Entertaining performance born in Tokyo Feb. 2005.
‘I have seen various productions of “Three Sisters” ever, but I’ve never seen such a performance gave me vivid and strong impact on me. It’s beyond Chekhov’s “Three Sisters”, and reached universality as women in general.’ by WATANABE Tamotsu, Drama critic.
‘Such an erotic and destructive yet lovely stage produced in the world, not even Chekhov could have imagined it!’ by MINATO Chihiro, Photographer/Art critic.

• Date: 10th September [Sat.] 16:00, 20:00 /11th [Sun.] 14:00, 18:00
• Venue: Studio SAI (Nakano)
• Advance ticket: 2,800 JPY. / Today's ticket: 3,000 JPY.
Since its foundation in 1982, the company Pappa TARAHUMARA has offered unique performances under the direction of Hiroshi Koike. Their work is characterized by its Asian sense of time and motion. Performers, stage objects, music, lighting, and costume all play equally important roles in their productions. It is when all these elements become one that the spectacle starts generating its own poetry. Pappa TARAHUMARA productions try to liberate themselves from meaning leaving audience members free to control their own imaginations. At present, in order to achieve a universality that transcends national borders, Pappa TARAHUMARA hopes for an interchange of ideas among artists from all over the world.
Aichi Arts Center DANCE OPERA “UZME” [uzume]
left : Shirakawa Naoko
right : Farukh Ruzimatov
(photo by Seto Hidemi)
Currently, Aichi Prefecture is hosting EXPO 2005. Aichi Arts Center which is one of the facilities of Aichi Prefecture is proudly announcing new composite art form, .

• Date: 10th September [Sat.] 17:00 / 11th [Sun.] 14:00
• Venue: The Theater, Aichi Arts Center
• Ticket: 5,000 - 9,000 JPY.
Aichi Arts Center []
The Aichi Arts Center has been organizing dance performance , concert and workshop programs in the various spaces in the center since its opening in 1992. Specially the Theater, with a capacity of 2,500 seats ,is the first facility in Japan designed for staging full-scale operas. Taking advantage of the performance spaces, museum, library and other spaces within this consolidated cultural institution, the center is devoted to providing a variety of outreach and production programs, including dance/multi-genre art collaborations, projects involving local artists, municipalities and nonprofit organizations, and other art activities that express the regional character of Aichi Prefecture.
ARIGA 10 MUSIC ZIPANG with African musicians
ZIPANG with African musicians
The only one of its kind in the world this band has invited African musicians to join musicians from Japan (Tsugaru Shamisen, taiko, shakuhachi, harmonica) to create live performance of fun, intensity, gentleness and beauty. It also performs a repertoire of Japanese traditional, classical, and folk music. Their original work has been heard as back music for TV Tokyo's 'Kaiun nandemo kantei-dan', in rhythm tracks, and in live gigs and concerts.

• Date:
12th September [Mon.] 19:00 open, 19:45 start
15th September [Thu.] 18:45 open, 19:45 start
• Venue:
Daikanyama “ Art Stage Birth ” (12th)
Shimbashi LiveSpot “ SOMEDAY ” (15th)
• Ticket: 3,500 JPY.
This office has been fusing African music and rhythms with traditional Japanese instruments (including taiko, shakuhachi, Tsugaru shamisen) since 1986. Presently, it is creating new and original music specifically for Japanese audiences. However, its special brand of enjoyable new world music is designed to stimulate the senses with entertaining skill all around the world.
Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation
Tale of Heike with biwa accompaniment by UEHARA Mari
Mari Uehara, who is the typical player of biwa music, tells a long time history of the Heike, one of the most famous story of Japanese classical literature, with her own biwa accompaniment.

• Date: 14th September [Wed.] 19:00
• Venue: The Japan Foundation Forum (Akasaka)
• Ticket: 3,500 JPY.
Music of kokyu from Yatsuo by WAKABAYASHI Michiko
Michiko Wakabayashi, well known kokyu player of famous Bon dance festival of Yatsuo. Kokyu is the lone bowed instrument of Japan, same as to Chinese erhu. The sound of kokyu, typically emotional and sentiment, gives nostalgic feelings to everyone.

• Date: 15th September [Thu.] 19:00
• Venue: The Japan Foundation Forum (Akasaka)
• Ticket: 3,500 JPY.
Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation
Our foundation was established by Victor Entertainment Inc., in 1993 for the purpose of promoting traditional Japanese culture, to nourish the artists who pass it to the next generation. Our activities are to record, to preserve, to document, to commend & support artists, to promote public performances, to promote international cultural exchange, to distribute audio & visual software and to publish books & scores of traditional cultures.