《Asian Performing Arts Artist-In-Residence》Artist Presentation Ⅳ

Evan Webber and Ame Henderson (Toronto)

BankART Studio NYK 2F
2.13 Sat14:00-15:30
Professionaladmission free
※reservation not required, at the door only

With English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation

Speaker: Evan Webber and Ame Henderson
(Public Recordings Performance Projects)
Supported by Canada Council for the Arts


Evan Webber and Ame Henderson has a lot of experience in creation through artist-in-residence. They plan to have an Asian edition of their project, where an eclectic cast of writers are gathered to rehearse and publish a performance in the shape of a book – an “encyclopedia” of making and witnessing that’s readable only in the highly contingent and social conditions of performance, and visit Yokohama for a research for that. The book is always called HOW TO WORK and it stays in print for just an hour. In that time it invites its creators and its audience into an historical present where reading is a convivial, political act and writing produces not objects but temporal and collective experience.


Evan Webber and Ame Henderson (Public Recordings Performance Projects)

Public Recordings Performance Projects Public Recordings makes choreography in the tension between the established and the emergent. Based in Toronto, Canada, Public Recordings is a collaborative, artist-driven operation that conjoins research, performance creation, learning, and publication. Since 2003 we’ve activated the potential of shared space in Belgium, Croatia, France, Italy, Slovenia, the Netherlands, the UK and across Canada.

©Erin Brubacher

©Erin Brubacher