The Busstrio


Million Times

Fujimigaoka Church

2.7 Fri 19:00
2.8 Sat 15:00/19:00

Adv ¥3,000
Door ¥3,300

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥2,500

The one-night live performance in Matsudai, Niigata by minamo and The Busstrio, who have been attracting attentions in different scenes, finally comes to Tokyo. Sound, gestures and styles that are woven by situations are placed sometimes quietly and sometimes roughly. There is neither beginning nor end — they just happen to be together and stare at what are recklessly accumulated there. However, there is a purpose: examination of questions regarding continuity and soul. A 75-minute show full of overwhelming music and performance at a church.

Subtitled in English on 2.8 Sat 19:00

Contact: The Busstrio 090-9984-6635 / Email




Formed by Keiichi Sugimoto and Tetsuro Yasunaga in 1999. In addition to live performances mainly in Tokyo, they have also frequently been touring in cities in the U.S., Europe and Australia. Aside from the activities of minamo, Sugimoto works solo as FourColor, FilFla and Vegpher and composes for theatre and advertisement. Yasunaga manages Tetsuro Yasunaga Jimushitsu that invites overseas artists and organizes events and works as HELLL, VOIMA and Cat Sand.

The Busstrio

Yuichiro Konno

The Busstrio

A unit led by Yuichiro Konno, which has genrelessly presented a number of theatre, performance and film works since 2010. Their works are characterized by the flatness of approaches between fiction and documentary toward objects, the originality and richness achieved by getting them back into practicality through the technique of collage, and the worldview of which motifs are life and death, animals and still life, and allegories. Films directed by Konno are highly appraised by such critics, filmmakers and musicians as Atsushi Sasaki, Satoko Yokohama and Kazuyoshi Nakamura. His new film Hello, supernova is going to be released at Cinema Rosa in Ikebukuro in February 2014.

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