かえるP Vol.4『The Sun』Photo: bozzo

Goat of the seabed


2.13 Thu 19:30
2.14 Fri 14:00
2.15 Sat 15:00/19:00
2.16 Sun 15:00
2.17 Mon 19:00

Adv ¥2,800
Door ¥3,300
Student Adv ¥2,500
Student Door ¥3,000

TPAM Registrant Benefit: ¥2,500

I am standing still in a vast field, and where did the goat that crosses in front of me? — Sometimes we simply stare at a landscape in front of us for hours; we stare at the sea, or on a mountain at the first sunrise of the year. Sometimes we simply listen to what we hear endlessly. In this obscure space, in order to see the infinite horizon and bottomless darkness, we create “dancescape,” neither landscape nor soundscape.

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Contact: Kaeru-P 090-9369-3860 / Email



Photo: Manaho Kaneko


A dance unit formed by Koji Ozono and Noriyasu Hashimoto. Their theme is “exploration of the fundamental of dance,” and they create dance with an idea that the physicality of dance lies in what are rooted in daily life. Won the grand prize in the 1st Condors Choreography Competition. In addition to their own creations, they take part in diverse projects including “N.N.N.” (supervised by KENTARO!!) and “ST25D” organized by ST Spot, “Dance Impact” of Kichijoji Theatre and “Dance no Utsuwa” of RAFT.

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